Crucible Group


If you believe that I could serve you in the areas of leadership coaching, soul care, or effective communicating then call 937-203-0769 or fill out the information below and we will respond to you within 24 hours. At that time a consultation by phone will be scheduled and from that consultation, a dialogue will occur about the nature of this ministry, availability of time, and service fees. If you live within the greater Dayton, Ohio area then arrangements can be made to meet in a location designated by my assistant. If you live outside of the greater Dayton, Ohio then arrangements will be made to utilize the appropriate technology to achieve the purposes of the Crucible journey.

When I meet with Rob Turner for soul care, we meet at a local restaurant. It almost always begins the same way: the waitress comes to the table and Rob says, “Ok, we’re gonna pray in a minute. What’s one thing that we could pray about for you?” It’s all very natural. It’s Rob living the gospel. That’s how the entire evening goes. Rob lives the gospel as he listens to my pain and my push-backs, and gently but firmly takes me to Jesus. He invites me to consider what Scripture reveals about the real Jesus, not the flannel-graph version of my Redeemer that I met as a kid. Compassionately, without condemnation, Rob takes me to the Savior who is for me not against me.

Greg - Educator