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A Journey Toward Living & Leading from the Soul

A Journey Toward Living & Leading from the Soul

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Engaging Christ-followers with an intentional and relational process that helps them thrive from the inside out

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About Us

The Crucible Group is a three-fold venture that provides Leadership Coaching for Christian leaders and their teams; Soul Care for individuals walking through difficult seasons or situations; or to help you Communicate effectively to others. If any of these services seem relevant to you or people that you lead, I would love to hear from you and explore this process with you.

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Leadership Coaching

The goal of leadership coaching is to help Christian leaders grow in their character, chemistry, and competence. The fatal flaw in any leader is the commitment to lead others but neglect the leading of themselves. Leadership coaching is committed to helping leaders cultivate the needed virtues to lead themselves and others in a Christ honoring way.

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Soul Care

Life is complex and contains seasons of great difficulty. In the middle of those seasons we may not readily know how to apply the truths of scripture in order to help us navigate life’s challenges. We may not be able to control our circumstances but we do have an opportunity to process our circumstances through the hope of Christ.

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It is one thing for a person to think through import issues related to their area of influence but it is another thing to be able to communicate his or her ideas in order to effect change. The Crucible Group offers you an opportunity to grow in your ability to communicate clearly and effectively. Opportunities are also available if your organization would like for the leadership of Crucible to come speak to your leadership or ministry setting.

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When I meet with Rob Turner for soul care, we meet at a local restaurant. It almost always begins the same way: the waitress comes to the table and Rob says, “Ok, we’re gonna pray in a minute. What’s one thing that we could pray about for you?” It’s all very natural. It’s Rob living the gospel. That’s how the entire evening goes. Rob lives the gospel as he listens to my pain and my push-backs, and gently but firmly takes me to Jesus. He invites me to consider what Scripture reveals about the real Jesus, not the flannel-graph version of my Redeemer that I met as a kid. Compassionately, without condemnation, Rob takes me to the Savior who is for me not against me.

Greg - Educator